Downloading Chit Chat

Get Chit Chat through iTunes

In order to get Chit Chat for Facebook (iPhone), you need to visit iTunes and download it through there. Click on the link below to launch the Appstore in your web browser.

Chit Chat for Facebook on iTunes

At the top left corner right underneath the icon there is a button to download this through iTunes. Click it to open up the app in iTunes.

Download using your iPhone

On your iPhone, click on the App Store icon to launch the iPhone App Store.

iPhone App Store Screen

Enter the Search tab from the menu at the bottom.

iPhone App Store Search

Enter “chit chat” into the search bar at the top (without the quotes).

Click on the buy-button at the top right corner of the application screen.

Enter your password credentials and the download will start.

Added 30 Sep 2011

First Time Usage

To start Chit Chat for Facebook (iPhone), simply click on the icon on your home screen after you’ve downloaded it using the instructions above. Sometimes the application isn’t downloaded to your first home screen, so you may need to swipe the screen to the right and it will be on the second screen.

Start Chit Chat

Welcome Screen

After you’ve launched the application you will be presented with a Welcome Screen. Here you are able to select which language to use and the option to dismiss this screen when launching the application in the future.

Welcome Screen

Click on Next to proceed.

End User Licence Agreement Screen

You are now shown the End User Licence Agreement. Please read through this agreement carefully before clicking on the “I Agree”-button at the bottom right corner.

EULA Screen

Login Screen

At the login screen you enter your username and password in order to sign in.

Login To Facebook Chat on iPhone

Important Note!

The username is not the same as your e-mail address. It’s a separate name which you need to create before signing in to Chit Chat for Facebook (iPhone). If you’re uncertain about usernames, please follow our instructions on how to create your own username.

You have two options at the bottom. The first one will store your username and password the next time you start the program, and the second one will skip the entire login screen and jump straight into the application the next time you start the program.

When you are done entering your information and settings, click on “Sign In” at the bottom right corner to continue.

Signing In

Wait while the program signs you in and loads your contact list

You are now signed in and ready to start chatting!

Added 30 Sep 2011

Contact Lists

When you've logged into Chit Chat for Facebook. You'll be presented with a list of your Facebook friends that are online on the chat. There are four tabs in the application, and three of them are used as contact lists.

The first tab shows all of your “Online Contacts” – the Facebook friends of yours that are online.

Contact List

The second tab shows the “Conversations” – this is all the currently started chats you’re engaged in.

Conversations List

The third tab shows "Unread Messages" – your new messages received that you have yet to read.

Unread Messages

The advantage of this three tab system is reduced scrolling and contacts are easier to "reach" , moreover, it's easier to handle many conversations at once than in conventional phone instant messaging designs.

Clicking on a friend on any of these lists will open the chat screen where you send messages to your friends.

A green buddy icon indicates that a user is online; a red buddy icon indicates that a user is offline, and the orange buddy icon indicates that a user is away, and a yellow status icon indicates that you have an unread message.

Status Symbols

Advanced Features

At the top right corner you have a Search area where you can type the name of a friend you’re looking for, and it will hide all other users from your contact lists.

Search Filter List

If your Facebook friend list is gigantic, you can use the quick list scroll letters to the right edge of the screen to quickly jump to a specific letter in your contact list.

If you have opened chats with some friends, they will have an icon to the right of them in your contact lists. This icon is used to give you a quick indication which of your contacts you have an opened chat with. Icons are also used to show you if you have a new message from this friend, even if you are not on the “Unread Messages”-screen.

Notification Icons

At the bottom of the program there is a thin bar. This bar lets you know when friends are typing to you; it tells you when they change their status or other important notifications. It even shows you a preview of a received message.

Status Bar

Added 30 Sep 2011

The Chat Screen

The chat screen allows you to send and read messages to/from your Facebook friends.

Chat Screen

Smiley's can be added by clicking on the smiley-button at the bottom right corner. To close the smiley menu you click the button again, or click outside of the smiley list. You can also simply type the smiley shortcut, and it will be sent as a smiley. To see a smiley shortcut, select it from the list and you will see it at the smiley description area.

Facebook Smileys

The Chat Tabs

Below the screen tabs and your name, you have a tab bar which shows you all active chats. You can scroll it by touch and select which person to talk to easily. You also see the status of the person in the tab, as well as the amount of unread messages from that person (if you have any).

Chat Tabs

Closing a Chat

To close a chat, you can use the Menu Button Menu Button , and the select the topmost action “Close Conversation”. You can also go to the second tab, the “Conversations”-screen, and click on the CLOSE button to close a chat.

Added 30 Sep 2011

Preferences & Customizing

Most aspects of the chat screen can be customized. So for example if you find it difficult to read small text, Chit Chat for Facebook (iPhone) can make the text larger for you. Customization can also be done for personalization sake, for example by changing colors, the background or graphical themes for the chat bubbles.

The preferences can be opened by clicking on the Menu Button Preferences-button and selecting PREFERENCES from this menu.

Preferences Screens

Added 30 Sep 2011
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